The morning mist, winding underneath Pohorje over dravsko polje plains and hiding wonderful wine growing hills Kozjak and the Slovene hills on the other side, where the wind breeze is moving the wind-rattles, makes us realize that the autumn is at our door. And the September issue of the magazine Perfect is in front of you!

Summer in Maribor and the entire destination of the Central Slovenian Styria has been marked by the unusual weather, which have been intensified during the whole year. First, the green winter, then sleet, short summer temperature atmosphere and abundant rain have been a challenge to all the employees of the tourism and to tourism-related activities. Therefore, we can be even more proud of the fact that positive growth was observed in both the Tourist Information Centre, as in the old Vine house. Only in august the latter was visited by more than 6,500 visitors, which is 27 % more than in the same period last year. What about the forecast for the sunny autumn? We believe that, with rich offer of our city and countryside, with effective packages, with promotional activities and events being prepared in Maribor, in the field of culture and tourism, the favourable trends can be continued.


September is already for the 14th time marked by the old Vine festival. “There are many world lands of beauty, but they are all happy.” Slovenia is beautiful and happy: it has got vineyards, wrote Tone Zafošnik, moreover, Tone Pavcek, the slovene poet wrote about the grapevine: “There is no prettier flower in the world”, “to many slovenians the vineyard grows in their heart” is written by the slovene bishop Anton Martin Slomšek. Slovenia is really happy and proud, proudly nurturing more than 450-year old grapevine, the natural monument of the republic of Slovenia and a natural heritage of the city, is happy as well.

The old Vine festival is an event in our Maribor, intertwining wine and cuisine, joining the city with rural areas, giving life to culture and to the rich accompanying activities again and again in the autumn time. Hence it is no coincidence that on the following pages you will read about the supreme wine varieties accompanied by presentations of the caterers, and our joint pilot project in the time of the Festival; moreover, about the Vocational College for Catering and tourism, which educates excellent human resources and is an example of perfection in catering, with their tradition, perseverance and clear vision.

The Maribor festival already opened its door, and autumn will further flourish together with the 49th “Borštnikovo srecanje” (the Borštnik gathering, theatre festival). Without water, there is no wine and maribor water is of the best quality, especially if it runs directly from a tap, into the Eco cup. Immerse yourself in our hearty destination Maribor – Pohorje and feel it also through our perfect magazine!


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