We have it – the 7th issue of Perfect! It’s a magazine for tourism and living for Maribor area.

7 is a folk and fairy-tale number.
7 colors are hiding in a rainbow.
7 continents are on Earth.
7 basic tones are in music.
7 liberal arts are known since antiquity.

A tribute to future and excellence of destination – new Restaurant 7.
Destination Maribor – Pohorje was in 2015 marked by new tourist markets and presentations, making new partnerships and connections, growth of
tourist arrivals and lodgings, new projects, events and shows, more efficient informing and promotion.

The performed activities create new dimensions for the future. Let the winter drive away the difficulties, we meet with, and let the spring bring thrift and positive energy.

Let’s be people to our fellow people, nature and animals. Let’s be tolerant. Let 2016 be Perfect!

You can see it here http://odlicno.maribor-pohorje.si/07/